Permanently Mute Websites in Google Chrome

Nothing annoys me more than an autoplaying video on a website I am visiting. Especially because they tend to be very loud. So I am looking forward to this Chrome feature from Google.

Very soon, Google Chrome will allow you to permanently mute these websites. This means that the website won’t autoplay videos with sound as soon as it loads. That is a very good thing if you ever had a loud video startle you.

Apparently Google is experimenting with a new feature which will allow users to permanently mute websites on a per domain basis. They will configure this through the page info bubble. Once configured, Chrome will automatically block that page from autoplaying videos with sound. Thank you Google. Too many sites are doing this now.

Google’s François Beaufort says that this feature is still being experimented with by the team. In the early version of this feature, the sound toggle has been positioned in the page info popup which can be accessed by clicking on the far left of the address bar. This section already has various toggles for things like JavaScript, Flash, and notifications, so it seems like a good place for it.

Once you mute a site, it has been muted permanently and will remain that way until the you manually unmute them. It is currently available in the latest Canary build of Chrome on the desktop. It’s turned off by default so users will have to enable it manually by heading to the –enable-features=SoundContentSetting switch.

I love this feature already.

Source Ubergizmo

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