Google Assistant And Google Home Can Now Shop At Walmart

Google has announced a new partnership with Walmart and you will be able to use the Google Assistant and Google Home device to make purchases at Walmart.

The deal between the two companies will allow you to link your Walmart account to Google and then place orders through Google Home or the Google Assistant.

We’re entering an exciting partnership with Walmart to bring you hundreds of thousands of products at Walmart’s Every Day Low Prices—everything from laundry detergent to Legos—that you can buy through voice with your Assistant on Google Home or on the Google Express website or app.

If you’re an existing Walmart customer, you can choose to link your Walmart account to Google and receive personalized shopping results based on your online and in-store Walmart purchases.  For example, if you order Tide PODS or Gatorade, your Google Assistant will let you know which size and type you previously ordered from Walmart, making it easy for you to buy the right product again.

You can find out more information about this new features for Google Home and the Google Assistant, over at Google at the link below.

Source Google

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